Brinell Indentation Measuring System

Rockwell Testing Machine
Rockwell hardness testing mac

Brinell Indentation Measuring System is an automated computerised measuring device which gives the hardness number directly and accurately using an advanced image processing technology. It is equipped with a built-in camera which captures a high quality image of the impression on the specimen by hydraulically pressing the metal balls and displays them on the
monitor. The pre-installed software of the Brinell Indentation Measuring Instrument calculates the diameter and gives the hardness value by converting the dimensions as per the calibrated system. These testers are suitable for various different metallic, non-metallic and alloyed parts
with hard and soft surface.


Frequency 50 Hz
USB 2.0
Surface Powder coated
Resolution 0.01mm
Power type AC
Measurement range 1mm to 6 mm
Grade Automatic,Semi Automatic,Manual

  • To measure brinell hardness directly on machine where presently brinell-microscope is used. This avoids eye straining of operator on production testing. In addition it gives far better repeated accuracy. High-low limits selections enables operator easy acceptance
    or rejection of components
  •  Can be connected to laptop or desktop pc. Easy to carry anywhere and handy for use
    with easy setup

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