Digital Portable Hardness-Tester

Rockwell Testing Machine
Rockwell hardness testing mac

Fine group test offer Digital Portable Hardness Testers that effort on direct idea method (like conventional machines), rebound method (measured in leeb hardness value), and UCI method. Measured hardness numbers can be easily converted into some additional scale like Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell, or Vickers.



  • Testers are operative up to 360° degrees of positioning, even upside down
  • fulfillment with ASTM E110 and ISO 50157 hardness standards
  • It has a variety of probes for diverse loads and is controlled with the load cell mechanism
  • Very lightweight and can be carried to any site with ease
  • It can do hardness testing on almost all metals: chromed surfaces, nitrided surfaces, aluminium, brass, copper, bronze, metal wire, ceramic items, glass materials, hard/soft steel, and hard/soft plastic
  • Equipped with an LCD operating console, user-friendly interface with easy test settings and make clear outcome, real-time statistics, and graph


Fine Group Test is one of the best Digital Portable Hardness Testers Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter in India, UK, Australia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, France, Germany, and New Zealand…

Fine group testing is best Digital Portable Hardness-Tester supplier, Manufacturer, Exporter company in India, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait & Qatar, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda, Djibouti, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania & Ghana, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, UK, Spain, Turkey, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Finland, Switzerland, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Cambodia.

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