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The meaning of hardness testing is ‘a test to verify the resistance a material exhibit to unending deformation by penetration of another harder material.’ However, hardness is not a fundamental possession of a material. So, when drawing conclusions of a hardness test, you should always assess the quantitative worth in relation to:

Why Hardness Testing is important?

Hardness testing is a necessary tool for analysis, distinguishing dissimilar materials, development and development of materials and skills in the context of basic investigation in the fields of materials science, materials engineering and materials diagnostics. It controls the typical standards that are of significant for assessing the use of resources in businesses (suitability of a material for a technically relevant part), for distinguishing between materials (in the case of material confusion) and for clarification of cases of damage.



A hardness test is in general performing by pressing a specifically dimensioned and loaded object (indenter) into the outside of the material you are testing. The hardness is determined by measuring the depth of indenter diffusion or by measuring the size of the feeling left by an indenter.

  • Hardness tests that measure the depth of indenter penetration include: Rockwell, Instrumented Indentation Testing, and Ball Indentation Hardness
  • Hardness tests that measure the size of the impression left by the indenter include: Vickers, Knoop, and Brinell


Types of Hardness Testing Methods:

Here are the following types of hardness testing methods are used to determine the hardness of material

  • Rockwell Hardness Test
  • Brinell Hardness Test
  • Vickers Hardness Test

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