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Technical Description-Machine Vision Systems

Machine vision has evolved to become a fast and reliable tool for quality control inspection. It is now becoming a fast and reliable tool for quality control inspection. As initiatives such as Six Sigma and TQM push quality standards to the highest levels, machine vision can aid manufacturing organizations in reaching their quality goals. It is deployed to do things more quickly and accurately than humans and at a lower cost.

Machine vision is a specific application of computer vision that enables cameras and computers to replace humans in evaluation and inspection tasks that are precise, repetitive or high speed. Today, more than ever, machine vision is being used to ensure quality in manufacturing everything from diapers to the most advanced computer chips.

How it works

A machine vision system acquires images of an object and then uses computers to process, analyze and measure various characteristics of that object so decisions can be made. These decisions may involve characteristics that cannot be seen by the human eye or analyzing image data for measurement purposes. Qualifying parts as “good” or “bad” based on their shape or size is the cornerstone of quality inspection systems. In addition, products built in stages can benefit from inspection throughout the process. Because each production stage has a cost per unit associated with it, eliminating bad parts early in the process can save money and improve efficiency. To maximize the effectiveness of machine vision, consider various ways to help the system to see possible problems, for example, by mechanically positioning the part under inspection, and using lighting and optics that clearly show the defects. Specific systems can be customized to a particular industry, or company’s needs, but the basics are the same.

Magnification 1 (15 X)
Magnification 2 (90 X)

Note: PC is not considered in the scope of supply.
The specifications of the PC should be as mentioned below:
Intel Core 2duo processor, 1.6 GHZ, Windows XP / 7 OS (32/64 bit), 2 GB RAM and free USB2.0 port (minimum 1)

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