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A tensile tester, also known as a pull tester or universal testing machine (UTM), is an electromechanical test method that applies a tensile (pull) force to a material to conclude the tensile strength and deformation performance until break.

A typical tensile testing machine contains of a load cell, crosshead, extensometerspecimen gripselectronics and a drive scheme. It is orderly by testing software used to define machine and safety settings and store test parameters specified by testing standards such as ASTM and ISO. The volume of force applied to the machine and the elongation of the specimen are recorded throughout the test. Measuring the force necessary to stretch or elongate a material to the point of permanent deformation or break helps designers and builders predict how resources will perform when implemented for their intended drive.

Fine group testing tensile test machines, including the zwickiLineProLineAllroundLine and E-series machine (tensile testing mechanism for large test forces starting at 330 kN), are specifically designed to meet client wants based on testing capacity, kinds of material, uses, and manufacturing standards such as ASTM E8 for metals, ASTM D638 for plastics, ASTM D412 for elastomers, and numerous additional. In addition to overall scheme safety and dependability, Fine group testing designs and builds every universal testing machine with a focus on providing:

Tensile testers are used to amount the strength of products and mechanisms or the possessions of materials. Tensile testing is usually carried out on objects like textile connections, welded connectors and fastenings, adhesive joints and seals.


Different types of tensile testing machines:

What are the classic components of a tensile testing machine?

Load Cell

The load cell converts tension power into an electrical signal that can be measured. Fine group testing load cells ensure not only high product excellence, but also seamless compatibility with all our machine mechanisms


An extensometer is a scheme that measures the extension of a specimen, also known as strain measurement. Almost all tensile testing standards such as ASTM and ISO require strain measurement. 

Specimen Grips

Specimen grips form the motorized link between the specimen and the tensile testing machine. Their function is to transfer the movement of the crosshead to the specimen and transmit the test load made in the specimen to the load cell.

Moving Crosshead

The moving crosshead is essentially a cross beam that is controlled to move up or down. For a tensile test, the crosshead quickness of the testing machine is directly related to the strain (elongation) rate in a test specimen.


The electronics control the moving measures of the tensile testing machine. The speed of the crosshead, and consequently the load rate, can be controlled by a microprocessor in the closed-loop servo controller (motor, feedback device, and controller).


Our testing software is an extremely user-friendly, wizard-guided, and Windows-based solution that allows users to set up the testing system, configure and run tests and view results.

Drive System

The drive system feeds power into the tensile testing machine’s motor at varying quantities and frequency, indirectly controlling the motor speed and torque. All the components of a Fine group testing tensile tester are designed to work together seamlessly.


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