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V notch weirs actually are just that– a thin plate weir with a ‘V’ notch cut into it. The weir is sited to obstruct open channel flow and permit water to flow over the notch. This enables us to precisely measure the flow, by measuring the head upstream of the V notch.


Why do we use V notch?

It is use to meter flow of water in the channel, by measuring the head of water over the v notch crest. The v notch weir is particularly good for measuring a low flow rate, because the flow area decreases rapidly as the head over the v notch gets small.



V-notching is a fishery organization practice widely used to delay fishing mortality of berried females in fisheries of clawed lobsters of the genus Homarus. A V-notch is a non-unique identifying mark made by removing a small triangular piece from one uropod.A v notch weir is used to meter flow in an open channel. The v notch weir is very good for measuring a low flow rate of open channel flow. The head over the v notch is measured and correlated with flow rate through the open channel. A v notch weir equation will give the open channel flow rate.

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