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Vickers Hardness Test: What it is and how it’s measured

The impact test equipment can be provided with several option: Optical encoder for velocity and energy measurement (pendulum machines only) Instrumented striker method. Automatic pendulum returns system (pendulum machines)How often have you wondered if a measurable you need for your project is firm sufficient for its intended drive? Rigidity is a dire property for many requests. Fortunately, there is a comparatively easy method to measure the hardness of materials, known as the Vickers Hardness test. According to the Metals Manual, hardness is defined as the “resistance to plastic deformation”. Since dissimilar materials behave in dissimilar ways, there are three kinds of hardness that are typically measured. Depending on the material, they are:


The Vickers Hardness test measures the indentation hardness for small parts or thin divisions of metals, ceramics, and composites nearly any type of material in fact.

How is the Vickers Hardness test carried out?

This test contains of applying a force on the test material using a diamond indenter, to obtain an indentation. The depth of hollow on the material gives the value of hardness for the specimen. In over-all, the lesser the indentation, the harder the object is. Hardness tests can be classified into micro-indentation examinations and macro-indentation tests, contingent on the force that is applied to the test material. (Micro-indentation tests characteristically use loads of up to 200 gf, while macro-indentation tests use loads up to 1000 gf). The Vickers Hardness test and Knoop Hardness test are the most typically used tests that can be used for both micro-indentation and macro-indentation.


Why use the Vickers Hardness test?

Initially designed as a substitute for the Brinell method, which had a large indenter and the option of damage to the test-piece, and also the Rockwell technique which used numerous test forces; the Vickers Hardness test is easy to use and offers a quantity of advantages over other hardness tests, such as:

the indenter used is small in size, which reduces the risk of likely damage to the test material the indenter can be used for any kind of material, regardless of its hardness

For What Purposes Are Vickers Hardness Testers Being Used?

Vickers values are normally independent of the test force, although from 500gf to 50Kgf it is possible the results of the same material under test may produce similar results irrespective of the force used. Vickers hardness tests have been found to be very useful for material evaluation, quality control of manufacturing process and research and development efforts. Hardness, although empirical in nature, can be correlated to tensile strength for many metals and is an indicator of wear resistance and ductility. When doing a Vickers hardness test the distance between indentations must be more than 3 indentation diameters apart to avoid interaction between the work-hardened regions. Vickers hardness testers are routinely used for testing materials, components in the aerospace and automotive industry, laboratories for sample evaluation, to conduct shared or advanced testing tas

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